Monday, August 31, 2009

Sesame Place

Yesterday we went to Sesame Place! Active duty military get in for free, and since Antonio is no longer active duty next week and Emily LOVES Elmo, we decided to take advantage of it now! We took Jillian and her friend Jessica with us also, and had a great time!
Us on 123 Sesame Street!
Daddy, Emily, and Aunt Jillie at Big Birds mailbox!
This would have been a great picture, if only he would have smiled.
Everyone on a ride. You can't see Emily's poor little head with Antonio, but she's there! She LOVED the rides. It was so funny, she had a great time on them, laughing and saying "weeeee."
After the rides and playing in the water park, we went to the parade. Here's Big Bird....
...and Elmo....
...and Cookie...
...and Zoe and Elmo again! I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled she was to see all the characters!
After the parade we went to the play they put on. We got there early, and while we were waiting for it to start she completely passed out!
The characters dancing on stage.
She was totally engrossed! She really had a great time and was such a trooper. She didn't really even have any melt downs and we were there from 11 to 4:30! I think that is the longest day she has ever put. Jillian and Jess were great too, they really helped out. We all were pooped, but had a great time! Definitely going back next year!

Our Backyard!

The other day it wasn't raining or too hot, so we went outside to play in the backyard. I love that we finally have a backyard again! Our last house didn't have one, and we really missed it because the dog couldn't run and Emily couldn't play. But now there is plenty of running and playing.
On daddy's shoulders!
Amy pooped herself out in a matter of minutes. She loves running in circles around the yard and hiding behind the shed. She's even found some rabbits to chase. But we have to watch her because she has already tried to jump our neighbors fence. Not cool.

Emily running to Daddy.
I love this outfit, its so cute! Thank Aunt Kaity!
Playing with the leaves on the tree!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pool Day!

Yesterday, we took a much needed break from moving everything into the new house and went to our friend Al's pool. We pretty much spent the whole day there and we all had the best time!Al had these little crab pool toys, and they kept Emily entertained for hours. Aunt Kaity helped entertain her too of course.

Aunt Kaity was pouring water on her head and she was loving it.
Look at the Buddha belly she has! And also notice the dirty look she was giving me. Lovely.

Home in New Jersey!

We are finally at our home in New Jersey, all moved in, and unpacked! We left North Carolina a week ago tomorrow. We have fantastic friends down there that were so helpful to us last weekend with moving, I'm going to miss them all so much! The drive up to New Jersey was eventful. It included lots of traffic and Emily getting very car sick! I'll spare you the details, just know it was NOT pretty! We moved in Tuesday, of course with the help of family and friends, and spent the next few days getting settled! The house is set up for the most part. Today we got cable and internet, so after a long week it was time to update the blog! Here are some pictures of the new house!

This is living room. That is the front door and next to the book shelf in the left corner is where we have the TV.
Here is the rest of the living room. Amy is knocked out of course, and Hurricane Emily passed through.
Through the living room is the dinning room. The previous owners left us the dinning room set and the hutch! I love them, especially the hutch, and I'm so thrilled to have them!
The hutch! I'm so in love with it!
Straight through the dinning room is the kitchen. The fridge is built into the wall, so there is so much extra room! The door to the right leads to the back porch, and the porch leads to the deck and the garage. I tried to take a picture but it was too dark! Across from the back door is the door to the basement. Through the BIG basement you can get to the garage!
The rest of the kitchen.
Ok, next to the hutch in the kitchen is a doorway that leads to the hallway. On the left is Emily's room. In the middle is the bathroom and all the way down to the right is another bedroom we have set up as a playroom. This is Emily's bedroom. Its a Disney Princess theme. Her bedding is all princesses and we bought matching stickers for the walls! She loves it. I've caught her at naptime and in the morning "talking" the princesses!
Here is the bathroom. The toilet is to the right. On top of it we have a jar full of all the shells Emily collected at the beach in North Carolina that matches the shower curtain!
Emily's playroom. And its obvious Hurrincane Emily was here too. She loves this room and I'm so happy she does! She just sits on her princess sofa and plays plays plays. And I love it because for the most part the toys stay in one area. And I can just shut the door when I don't want to see the mess!
Back in the dinning room, to the right of the doorway that leads to the kitchen, is this door that leads to the 2 bedrooms upstairs. Hands down, this is my favorite thing about this house. They are beautiful.
The stairs that lead up to the bedrooms. They are super narrow and Antonio and I have both fell a few times, so its good that we kept Emily's room downstairs! Haha
Our bedroom is the room on the left. There is another room on the right that is pretty much the same size, and right now it is empty except for the few boxes I am hiding in there!
The rest of our bedroom, the closest and door. Ignore the clothes on the floor! This is our home and I absolutely love it! It really is a blessing that the other house fell through. I love this house so so much!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just a little rain?!

We have been having thunderstorms everyday down here in NC. Today we had the mother of all storms, it last about an hour or so. I go to let Amy out to go to the bathroom and this is what I see...
I don't know how well you can tell, but the entire back yard and our porch is underwater. But we're moving in 4 days, so I don't really care.
Since I've been packing non stop, Emily has been keeping busy by watching movies. I bet you can guess what she is watching here....

Monday, August 3, 2009

The most comfortable way to watch a movie...

While watching The Little Mermaid (again) Emily tried out a few different positions to see how she was most comfortable...

(my personal favorite)

The End.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Last Day at Atlantic Beach

Today we decided to brave the great out doors and go to the beach. It was a pretty risky decision, considering we have been having big, unexpected thunderstorms almost every day, but we went anyways. It was a great beach day! And Emily had a blast. It is such a nice beach, we are really going to miss it!I said "Emily show me your sea shells!" and this is what I got. She always picks the ugliest sea shells on the beach and is so proud of them. She picks them out as soon as she gets there, holds on to them and doesn't let the go the whole time we are there.
Huge smile, because she knows whats about to happen....
Emily and Daddy The Monster.
She kept running away, and he had to keep dragging her back!
Emily just walked up to this little girl and made a friend. That sat there playing with their shovels and buckets for a long long time. Daddy made a friend too!
She was knocked out not even 5 minutes into the trip home. She had such a blast, but was really pooped. She even went to bed at 7 tonight! We were planning on going back to the beach tomorrow, but I don't think that is going to happen. Even though I re-applied my sunscreen a bunch of times I have terrible sunburn. I made Antonio spray me with vinegar and I feel a lot better, but I think its probably a good idea to stay out of the sun.
We also went to hibachi tonight. We have been a few times before, and Emily makes the silliest faces when she sees the fire. Mandi snapped this one during the onion volcano. She spent the entire night looking at the other tables and their fires saying "ooooooo."